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10 Inexcusable Automotive Gaffes

I totally understand that mistakes happen, even in the automotive world. However, there are mistakes that don’t really do much damage and eventually fade away, but then there are gaffes that buyers will never forget.

We looked back into automotive history and picked out the 10 most inexcusable automotive gaffes of all time and listed them here. Let us know in the comments if you feel we missed one that you know of, or if you think we may have blown one way out of proportion.

Volkswagen Dieselgate

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you already know all about VW’s Dieselgate scandal. To avoid getting overly technical, Volkswagen essentially fitted its TDI engines with cheat devices that changed the way the car ran when it knew it was being checked for emissions. This switch, of sorts, made the TDI engine produce far less noxious emissions, thereby earning the TDI top marks in this department. An independent study uncovered this issue, and the EPA pounced, which created massive shakeups in the auto group’s management and reduced buyer confidence in the brand.

Mitsubishi Killing its Cool Cars

Mitsubishi has had a few really badass cars over the years. It began with the Starion in the 1980s, then continued with the Eclipse and finally with the Langer Evolution. The slowly morphed from a low-weight tuner car to a bloated sports coupe right before its elimination, so most of us had written it of well before it got the axe. The Lancer Evolution, however, was still a lean, mean sport compact that was among the best in its class when Mitsu chose to eliminate its last remaining cool car following the 2015 model year.

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