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10 Powerful and Affordable Station Wagons From the 60s

It’s evident that crossovers have basically pushed the wagons to the brink of extinction but that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested in the good old station wagon anymore. It’s practicality is beyond question, especially if all-wheel drive, foldable seats and modern gadgets get thrown into the equation. Moreover, wagons still offer uncompromising car-like driving dynamics that crossovers can only dream of. However, I dare you name one American station wagon currently in production! That’s right, there are none. There are fewer wagons on American roads than ever before, and atop of that, all currently available choices are foreign. There’s the Subaru Outback and the VW Golf Alltrack, and then there are the luxury choices like the Volvos V60 and XC70, Mercedes-Benz E Class wagon, BMW 3 Series wagon and Audi A4 Allroad. And, that’s about all there is to it. Unless you’re willing to count Kia Soul and MINI Clubman as wagons too.

Anyway, since the big three don’t offer station wagons anymore, it falls upon us to remind you about some of their historical offerings which can still be bought today. Used wagons are your only choice of buying home-made ever since the Cadillac CTS Sportswagon was discontinued in 2014. Here are ten such choices. All of them have been made during the peak of wagon’s popularity in the sixties, all cost less than $15,000 on average according to Hagerty’s evaluation, and all have powerful V8’s with more than 300 horsepower under their hoods. What else could one require from their wagon?

Chrysler New Yorker

Year: 1962
Average Price: $6,600
First introduced in 1939, New Yorker was the longest running American nameplate upon its discontinuation in 1996. Sixth generation New Yorker, between 1960 and 1964 was only offered with the 413ci RB V8 displacing 6.8 liters, and producing 340 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque in a single 4-barrel carb setup. According to Hagerty, their average price today is around $6,600.

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