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1,200 Horsepower Ferrari F80 Prancing Pony Concept

The LaFerrari took the world by storm with its amazing engineering and futuristic looks, leading to many assumptions and excitement on how Ferrari will top this. Ferrari decided not to let their fans wait for long and shared details on their new Ferrari F80 Concept. The competition all over the world in producing the fastest sports cars have been heating up with recent releases of new and unique styles paired with high performance. For a long time the Bugatti Veyron dominated the world when it comes to top speed and overall power. But with the new and emerging models, breaking the Veyron’s speed record is bound to happen.

Latest Ferrari Concept

As the Ferrari F80 is currently a concept, many car experts and enthusiasts consider this a very attractive vehicle. If ever Ferrari decides that this model is set to replace their LaFerrari, we calling Adriano for more ideas is a must as the new model is going to fill a very successful and big shoe.

The latest Ferrari concept series was already mentioned a while back and would rely on Ferrari’s world renowned craftsmanship mated with the company’s flagship hybrid KERS system. Ferrari’s thirst for producing stylish and high performance sports cars will surely show.

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