20,000 People Ordered This One-Seater Electric Car Costing $15,000

Have you ever heard of Electra Meccanica!? It is a small Vancouver-based company specializing in producing small city commuter vehicles. They had some neat city transportation ideas in the past, but their newest effort, coming in the shape of a three-wheeled car, could potentially get on the production line. It is called the Solo, has a small footprint, three wheels, does not look particularly cool, but it can move around quite a bit using the power from its 8.64 kWh batteries. So yes, it is electric. The name of the company does not hide a thing.

This is all cool to read and to hear, but Electra Meccanica has yet to deliver on their promises. The first steps in the right direction have been taken with Electra Meccanica CEO Jerry Kroll stating that the car will enter production in June. That means that this thing could be in production right now as you read. Making efforts to improve on the old EV small car designs – like the Corbin Sparrow, Electra Meccanica created a 120-inch long car with two wheels at the front and one at the back.

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