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2018 Genesis G70 Revealed as an Executive Luxury Predator

In order to match the premium quality of the closest German (and Japanese) competition, Genesis developed an all-new compact luxury sedan named the G70. Revealed in Seoul, the 2018 Genesis G70 introduced us to a new design language, new technology, new interior and marked Genesis’ intrusion into a whole new class. You may consider this car as a competitor to the Lexus IS, the BMW 3 series, the Mercedes-Benz C-class and the like.

It may seem a bit of a stretch to compare the Hyundai-owned luxury brand to our typical industry heavyweights, but the South Korean company is bringing its own formula to the table with the new G70.

“The launch of the Genesis G70 is an important milestone for our brand,” said Manfred Fitzgerald, Head of Genesis Division. “We deliberately chose Seoul, as this is our place of origin. This is where we are coming together with our customers and friends in the music industry to celebrate as a people’s festival.”

Built using existing 2018 Kia Stinger architecture, the 2018 Genesis G70 was envisioned as the more luxurious and less rebellious brother of the two. It does look quite smooth and athletic for a luxury car, after all. While we shouldn’t expect it to bring anything groundbreaking to the segment, we can rest assured that it will go toe-to-toe with the German big boys. Matching the refinement of brands like Audi and Mercedes is a tough act to follow, but Genesis seems confident the G70 can pull it off.

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