3 Worst Programming Languages to Avoid Like the Plague

There are lots of awesome programming tutorials out there to get you started with coding. But before you dive into them, you’ll have to answer a very difficult question: Which programming language should I learn?

Some languages are easier for beginners to learn. Others are most useful for the future. And others are most likely to help you land a programming job.

In this article, we’ll approach it from the opposite end: Which programming languages should you avoid?

1. Esoteric as %^&*!

Let’s start with an easy one. Esoteric programming languages (or esolang for short) are designed to push programming to its limits of simplicity. In doing so they succeed in making it incredibly complicated.

While this seems like a contradiction in terms, a quick look at the unfortunately named Brainf&*k language:

This monstrosity is functional, Turing-complete code. The function of this program? It prints Hello World! to the screen. Simple, isn’t it?

The language consists of eight characters, which move the data pointer within the program array, and modify or output the data held in each position. This all adds up to a simple language which is an absolute mind destroyer to use. Hence the unfortunate name. By the way, Brainf£$k is not the only esoteric language with a “colorful” name, so be curious at your own risk!

Brainf^&k is one of the better known esoteric programming languages, though many more can be found. Perhaps you want to build a program using the one-liners of Arnold SchwarzeneggerChef is particularly notable as the code you write ends up reading like a recipe.

Esoteric languages are designed more like a fun challenge to programmers than for everyday use. As a general rule, these languages are Turing Tarpits and will cause more frustration than anything else if used for actual programming tasks. In the same way that going over Niagara Falls in a barrel isn’t necessary, I’m sure some of you will program in esoteric languages regardless!

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