7 Automotive Myths Exploded That Most People Still Believe

There are a number of myths that persist in the automotive world. Some are just plain ridiculous, but others are accepted as fact by many drivers. Let’s look at 7:

Myth Number One: Car Dealers are out to Screw Every Customer

Customer Satisfaction is a large component of dealer profitability

Not a chance. The car companies started to get smart a couple of decades ago when they recognized that a consumer’s intent to purchase their next new car from the same brand was impacted by how the dealer treated them. That’s both in the purchase of the car as well as any services you have performed.

So the car companies started setting aside piles of money, big piles of money, for dealers who achieved high customer satisfaction scores (that’s why the dealer is always telling you that if someone should call, always rate the dealer a “10”). It’s conceivable that a dealer could make more money from you giving them a “10” than from what they make selling you the car.

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