7 Best Note-Taking Tools for Programmers

Programming is an activity prone to frustration and difficulty — even when done as a hobby. Creating a web, mobile, or desktop app is a big undertaking, and good note-taking skills are key to staying organized and not succumbing to stress, despair, and burnout.  computer science computer science computer science  computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science computer science

But most note-taking apps aren’t designed with programmers in mind, and they can be so frustrating to use that they drive you to give up on notes entirely. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and rounded up the best note-taking tools for coders. Check these out — you’ll lovethem!

1. Boostnote

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

Boostnote is the prime example of a note-taking app for coders. It doesn’t have all the features of a modern note-taking app (e.g. it has Markdown formatting and folder-based organization but lacks customizable keyboard shortcuts) but does have what all programmers love:

You can embed code blocks directly within normal notes, and you can create separate snippet-type notes that are specifically for collecting and grouping multiple code blocks in a single note. It also supports checkbox-based lists for task management.

The best part about Boostnote is that it’s free and open source. Combined with its features, Boostnote is perfect for students in programming courses.

2. MedleyText

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

MedleyText is very similar to Boostnote, with fewer features but a tighter focus on the features it does have: rich-text formatting, embedded code blocks within normal notes, and customizable keyboard shortcuts. It’s excellent for highly-productive coders with big projects.

When you embed formatted code directly into notes, the app will automatically highlight the syntax. Or you can manually select which syntax highlighting language to apply to any given block of code. It supports over 40 programming languages as of writing this article.

MedleyText is completely free without restrictions when taking local notes. A premium service called MedleyText+S is set to release in late 2017, allowing you to sync notes to cloud storage, access a web version of the app, and share notes with others.

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