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Audi RSQ3 Abt Sportsline As An Evil Crossover Which Kills Sports Cars For Fun

Not many gearheads can enjoy crossovers. They are the hybrids of the car world – Frankensteinian creations made to take a bit more money from buyers by selling them the same technology as found in B segment, or, at best C-segment cars for a premium price. The Q3 is one of them without a doubt, but buyers, possibly the millennials like it and in the US alone Audi delivered more than 15.000 units since its introduction in late 2014. To spice the things up and create a real cult about the car, the Rennsport division of Audi tweaked it a bit. They came up with a notoriously fast car as powerful as the mighty Audi RS3.

Actually, the connection between the two is far more profound than just the same power output of their engines. The Audi RSQ3 and the RS3 (as well as the TTRS), all use the same 2.5L five cylinder engine with a turbocharger. It is a mighty machine with the power of more than 360hp and systems like Quattro all wheel drive or double clutch transmission to transfer all the power to the ground.

With all this equipment, the Q3 is a really amazing, exciting and fun car, but for Abt Sportsline, famous Volkswagen Group car tuner from Bavaria, this was not enough. Please welcome the Audi RSQ3 Abt Sportsline and bask in the greatness of its lunacy and incredible idiocy.

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