Autonomous Nissan IMx Concept Predicts the Future

While all of the motoring world expected Nissan to revitalize its Z series of cars (which will not happen according to latest news from the company), Nissan alternatively showcased the ultimate in dullness. This crossover is a real representation of the world of tomorrow. People will be safe in cars, sure, but drivers will be deprived of the driving fun. This isn’t exactly that hard as highlights from the press release aren’t acceleration numbers or thrilling exotic sound descriptions, but the tech that makes autonomous drive possible. The IMx Concept features something called ProPILOT drive mode. It is so complex that it works with a 360-degree sensor field, 12 cameras, six laser scanners, nine radar and 16 sonar systems. In short, there’s more tech than on board than a North Korean military submarine.

The tech will, reportedly, be available in cars in 2022, with the first proper systems in place as early as 2020. Nissan execs even suggest the car will be able to drive itself (without anyone inside) providing the ultimate valet service. No more waiting for parking in parking lots as the car will take that job on itself.

Furthermore, occupants will have ultimate access to anything of importance on the massive windshield. There, the Nissan IMx Concept will present all the important info such as the closest parking, restaurant, toilet, and more.

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