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Best dive watch 2018: stylish and practical watches to suit any budget

From Seiko to Rolex and Audemars, if you’re looking for a watch to dive with (or, more likely, not) we’ve got you covered

We think dive watches are some of the coolest looking timepieces out there, and they should be a staple of anyone’s collection.

Okay, we know strapping on a watch capable of surviving a plunge to over 1,000 metres and boasting a helium escape valve might seem unnecessary to 99-percent of us, but then you wouldn’t tell a Ferrari owner that their pride and joy’s top speed was meaningless, would you?

Diving watches began life to serve a clear purpose – they provided accurate, illuminated time and a means of measuring depth with a rotating bezel, while being tough enough to handle the pressure of being submerged to great depths.

They also feature straps which open extra wide to fit around the outside of your wetsuit, and often have themed names like Seamaster, Aquadive and Sea Dweller.

If you would allow us to get technical for a moment, the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) offers a whole list of features required for a dive watch to truly be called a diving watch.

These include a unidirectional bezel marked at least every five minutes, the presence of an indication that the watch is running while in total darkness (like an illuminated second hand), magnetic, shock and chemical resistance, and the ability to be read from 25cm away in total darkness.

But now the diver’s watch is as much a piece of precision underwater equipment as it is a fashion statement. Whether you are diving into the sea or an overflowing inbox, here are our favourite dive watches at any budget, starting with the most affordable.



+Classic diving watch looks
+Water resistant to 200m / 656 feet
-Might not be suitable with formal dress

If you thought diving watches were four figures and more, then prepare for a pleasant surprise. This 40mm Casio is a little over £100, yet rocks the classic diving watch looks, complete with rotating numbered bezel, illuminated second hand, and a durable rubber strap. Even more amazing is this budget entry’s 200 metres of water resistance.

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