Brand-New McLaren F1 For Sale With Only 149 miles On The Clock

As any gearhead knows, the McLaren F1 was the ultimate supercar/hypercar or “whateverCAR” in the Nineties. The Brits made only 106 examples, with 64 of them being road legal; only seven of those 64 were road-legal in the United States. Elon Musk had one, Rowan Atkinson raced and crashed one and all others had been spoken for or cherished by well-known enthusiasts, collectors, and pretty much really rich gearheads. Now, however, one McLaren F1, still unwrapped and produced in 1996, is for sale. Its tires never, ever touched the road or felt the soaking wet track. All of the miles put on it were made by McLaren test drivers before delivery. The sheer exclusivity of the car is possibly best showcased by the fact that it was never licensed or registered for road use. Hell, it still has all the paper and plastic covers on the interior.

Ordered and bought by a Japanese collector back in 1996, this McLaren F1 has been sitting in a carefully maintained garage with conditions perfect for preserving cars. It still has all the original pieces, including a complete set of tools, two keys, owner’s manual with hand-drawn diagrams, and special carbon fiber driver seat.

Hell, it even has a spare steering wheel carefully wrapped in its original packaging. But the most daring thing about it is probably the special Tag Heuer watch with a matching serial number – F1 060. Every McLaren F1 buyer got one – this watch, however, has never been worn.

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