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Classic Car History

Long before smart phones and social media, automobiles were the machines that signified the emergence of a modern mobile society. More than any other object, cars were treated as an extension of yourself, a reflection of your style, money and social status (or lack thereof). LIke people, cars have their own unique personalities that have endeared them to their owners. Cars are a reflection of their eras, and are stamped with the memories of the years in which they were made. Because cars are symbols of their times, they are objects of nostalgia, and people see owning them as a way of recapturing history.


Some people simply study types of cars and their eras, but the most serious students of the automobile actually restore or collect them. To those who don’t care about automobiles, being ultra serious about antique or cars may seem like madness. If it is madness, then it is a madness with some very serious method to it. Unlike people, cars don’t just get old. Depending on how old they are, cars are classed as being Antique or Classic, or Vintage. Here’s how they are defined:

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