Electric Startup Eli Zero Unveiled Something At CES

It looks like the Renault Twizy. Or should we say the Nissan New Mobility Concept Scoot Quad? Nissan imported a bunch of these in San Francisco in 2015 trying to start something new. You can read about it here. As for the Eli Zero, which appeared at the CES, it is a brainchild of the Electric vehicle startup trying to pursue “reimagining the future of urban mobility.” Or, in short – they want to change the world.

While the Eli Zero has some resemblance to the Renault small EV, it is actually quite different. The thing has a sealed cockpit with glass on the doors, on the rear hatch, and on the roof. Also, the two-seat layout means it has to be much wider than a quad thing. Actually, we would not be surprised if it reaches the width of the first gen Smart car. That is quite reasonable.

“We believe Eli introduces an advanced, yet simple product that will fundamentally shift how we engage with urban fabrics. Smaller, simpler and friendlier, Eli ZERO is the ultimate two seater mobility device for agile daily movement” Eli released in their statement.

Eli did not reveal many details about the car. Yet, the picture of the interior instrument cluster does show it could have a range of at least 180 miles. This is not bad considering the size of the car. However, that percentage dial at 40 percent confuses a lot! Could it be that the Eli Zero can cover 180 miles on a battery with only 40 percent charge!? Sure it cannot be. That dial may be for something else, or it’s just a photoshop mistake.

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