Ford Announced Production Of The Mustang Hybrid And F-150 Hybrid

Ford is on the verge of doing something every proper muscle car guy and any purist will despise. They announced the development of a Mustang hybrid and a Ford F-150 hybrid. Yes, it is happening. Due to strict emission regulation, market conditions and a need for advancements, we are about to get the world with Mustang Hybrids.

But, it is not as bad as it sounds. Ford knows people do not want a Mustang Hybrid similar to the Prius or some puny Honda hybrid. No, they will get a powerful, bad ass machine which only happens to use a hybrid powertrain. It is better to look at this as scaling back the tech from the 918 Spyder and the P1, than scaling up the tech from the Prius or the Civic Hybrid.

We do not have a lot of details about any of these models, but we do know they are a major part of the electrification plan Ford will conduct over the next five years. They are aiming to unveil 13 new electrified cars with the Mustang Hybrid and the F-150 Hybrid probably being the most popular.

As expected, the details are coy at this point in time. But we do know we’ll see the Mustang Hybrid and the F-150 Hybrid in 2020.

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