Learning Computer Science? Tag Some Video Tutorials On Teaching Tree

Learning with the help of massive open online courses or YouTube videos has one slight problem — there isn’t anyone around to help you take shortcuts to the precise concept. You wade in and flounder around, because there’s just so much information in a long video. If you come up for air, take a look at Teaching Tree. Teaching Tree handles the difficult part of taking you to the right concepts in the shortest time possible. It makes learning computer science with free educational videos easy as clicking on a timestamped tag. computer science computer science

It took me two stumbles to come to Teaching Tree. The first one was when I came across Code.org. Code.org is a non-profit umbrella program that seeks to spread computer education across the U.S. It includes the who’s who of Silicon Valley and beyond. Code.org lists Teaching Tree as one of the learning resources you should look up.

How Can Teaching Tree Help With Online Learning?

Teaching Tree is a platform for collecting and contributing educational video content on computer science, math, and Ruby programming among others.  There are more than 1200 “concepts” on the site so far. It is an open platform, so anyone can use it to assimilate knowledge on the subjects it promotes. Contributing educational videos is just the first part of the learning philosophy behind the website. Teaching Tree wants students to go to the exact explanations they need to quickly learn individual concepts. Video tutorials can be long, and all of it may not be relevant for a student who simply wants to understand a specific concept explained in a long lecture. Through user-generated and timestamped tags, Teaching Tree enables the student to jump to the exact moments in the video that are right for him or her.  computer science   computer science   computer science   computer science   computer science 

Content on Teaching Tree is sourced from many MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) resources on the Web including YouTube which hosts most of the free tutorials. The video content has been built up with the contributions of teachers and students who signed-up to use the site. Now, it could be you. So, let’s sign-up and see how it all comes together.

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