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Lucid Motors’ Luxury Electric Car With 400 Mile Range Coming In 2018

Electric vehicles are coming closer to being a more affordable option as more companies work on them. Now we have Lucid Motors bringing the Air to market in 2018 with a 400 mile range. Even though the car is in the luxury class, it’s another step in perfecting the tech. As it gets easier to make these cars, the price will come down across the board.

Size and Design

With cars like Tesla’s Model S already up for sale, we have a handy comparison for Lucid’s Air. It features an exterior marked with sleek lines as well as a futuristic feeling shape. The outside profile is that of a smaller sedan but the interior volume is still large for its class.

The smaller form factor and roomy interior is possible thanks to the clever move of floor mounting batteries. This eliminates the need for a longer nose or tail section and spreads the weight more evenly. This also allow for all four seats to have ample room to move around and be comfortable.

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