New Tesla Semi Truck Revealed – It Can Haul 80,000 lbs For 500 miles

Looking to reinvent the whole trucking business, Tesla revealed an all-new electric Tesla Semi truck. This could be a make it or break it moment for the company. It could also be the most important new kind of tech for the trucking business in generations.

Apart from the looks, general specs, and cabin arrangement, what trucking industry mostly seeks is a lower cost of ownership – from the start to the end. And that was the main focal point for the development. While Elon Musk did not specify all the features of the truck, he did say that the Tesla Semi will cost $1.26 per mile on 100-mile routes compared with $1.51 for the most efficient diesel trucks. This equals to a 20 percent more efficient and cheaper ride. If the Tesla Semi really delivers these savings and Tesla factory manages to meet intended production numbers, the Tesla Semi truck could mark a massive departure from the usual trucking experience.

However, apart from revealing all the advantages one may gain after buying the truck, Tesla actually needs to deliver the hardware.

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