Tesla wasn’t happy about Consumer Reports Model 3 Predicted Reliability – It Responded “in kind”

Tesla and Consumer Reports publication seem to be in a feud.

Long story short:

  • Consumer Reports reported that the Tesla Model 3 got “Average” reliability score,
  • Tesla responded by saying that the report is basically “*hit” because they hadn’t even driven the car nor do they know anything about the engineering or the production process.
  • And then, Consumer Reports responded again to prove that they have a longer… umm sorry, that they are “more right” than Tesla.

Now, you may think whatever you want about the Consumer Reports and Tesla, but this seems very much like a feud between two kids arguing why did the chicken cross the road?

If you are still interested in knowing how Consumer Reports actually rated the Tesla Model 3 if they never drove the car, know that as a part of the Annual Reliability Survey, Consumer Reports PREDICTS reliability for the models they have yet to test or even see.

If you are new to this your thinking maybe along the lines of WTF?

Well, this has been common practice for a few years now. In Consumer Reports press release, the company noted:
“Consumer Reports (CR) predicts the new Tesla Model 3 will have an “Average” reliability score, based on improved reliability data reported by Model S owners.”

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