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The Dodge Charger Hellcat HPE800 Is A Hemi Supercar-Like Performer

The Charger Hellcat is the fastest, most powerful and the fastest accelerating sedan in the world. At least that is what Dodge officials claim although we recon some of the Euro muscle-car fighters are pretty damn close. Nevertheless, one of the best muscle cars of all times has just received a massage at the workshop of Hennessey Performance in Texas. As you already know, everything is bigger in Texas so you may be certain that the monstrous engine in the Hellcat is why this car got there in the first place. Ouu, yeah, the Hellcat will receive even more power.

As we all know, Hennessey Performance is not all about style and appearance. They usually don’t do plastic surgery to their cars, but they do plaque them so everyone knows something special is happening inside the mind of the man driving and under the bonnet.

The only way you can tell that this thing isn’t all stock is by locating the HPE800 badge somewhere on the outside. It is there, adorning the outside of the almost aggressive Charger and trying to make itself visible next to that Hellcat plaque.

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