The Ducati Spirito Elettrico – An Electric Ducati With A Top Speed Of 205 MPH!

A very fast and technologically advanced Ducati made an appearance at the Osaka Motor Show, and it’s not what you’d expect. It’s an electric Ducati – with an incredible range and a ferocious top speed. Last year, we’d heard that an electric Ducati was in the pre-concept phase, but now it looks like their ready to move into production.

A little while back we showed you a cool limited edition Ducati, it was a celebration of the partnership between two iconic brands: Ducati and Diesel. The title of the article may have been a touch misleading as many of our readers were disappointed to learn that the Ducati Diavel in question wasn’t equipped with a diesel engine. But now things have taken a different turn. We haven’t got a diesel powered Ducati for you. We have the opposite. We have an electric Ducati instead.

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