The Sin R1 Is A German Built Supercar That is Cheaper And Faster Than The Nissan GT-R

Two and a half years ago the Autosport International show hosted a special event where the car dubbed Sin R1 was revealed and showed to the world. It is not linked with the Yamaha R1 superbike nor with the Sin City movie franchise, but it is linked with the Munich based Sin Cars GmbH company and British company ProFormance Metals Ltd. It is a rather courageous attempt at creating truly magnificent sports car. With all the sports elements on it the Sin R1 became a bit like a fighter jet for the roads. It is that well and it is that bold.

The car had very natural evolution. First, the race car was developed and raced in some racing series in Germany, than, out of nowhere really, a production car was announced, only to be revealed in its sort-of-concept form in December 2013. Now, fully prepared production car has been revealed and rather interesting styling modifications have been done to it to make it road ready.

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