This Two-Tone Paint 1958 Chevrolet Yeoman Resto Mod is Beyond Amazing

Some 30 years ago, late Raymond Currie acquired a rare, one year only model, 1958 Chevrolet Yeoman 2-door station wagon as partial payment for one of his business deals. Like it so often happens, he stored it in a barn and paid no further attention to it. But his son Paul Currie had. Paul grew up in Revere, Massachusetts and often came back home to Brentwood, New Hampshire for visits. There, Yeoman beckoned him from under deep layers of dust and all kinds of silly trinkets. When his father passed away, Paul decided to do some maintenance work on the barn. Workers, naturally, dug out the wagon and that’s how this restoration began.

Paul Currie already changed a number of cool cars beforehand, but Chevy wagon he knew for so long was something special. His first having been a ’69 Camaro, Paul developed a deep affection towards the Bow Tie brand.

After the initial groundwork was set, he paid a visit to Back Bay Customs from Portland, Maine. There the terms were agreed upon and real work was quickly set out upon.

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