Data Science involves cutting edge technologies such as Clustering, Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Analytics, “Big Data,” and Data Mining.  These practices are key to today’s data driven business environment and large corporations often seek out those with the highest level of education and experience to help them make key decisions.  Effective use of data is key to deepening our understanding and application of business, economic, social, and physical behavior.

Based on a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, there is a significant shortage of data scientists. The institute projects a need for an additional 1.5 million managers and analysts with the skills to analyze Big Data and ask the right questions to make effective business decisions. Earning an online doctorate in data science is a great way to gain the education and experience needed to fill this gap.


Average TuitionWe looked at over 25 different doctoral programs in data science based on a search in College Navigator and DataScience Community to determine the top 10 for an online Ph.D. in data science. We based our ranking on the following considerations and assigned points accordingly:

Less than $5,000/year – 5 Points
$5,000-$10,000/year – 3 Points
Over $10,000/year – 1 Point

While we understand that many Ph.D. level programs provide students with an assistantship to cover the cost of their tuition, cost is still a factor we considered in developing our list.  We reviewed each school’s average graduate tuition rates from College Navigator, a government-run website that provides information on institutions of higher education around the country. While we looked specifically at tuition rates for graduate school, we acknowledge that tuition rates can vary from program to program. Always consult the university to find out specifics related to their data science program and if they offer any incentives or scholarships to reduce your overall cost.

Online Content – 2 Points
Looking at each program website, we tried to determine the number of on campus residency requirements to complete the program. Schools requiring minimal time on campus (less than 2 weeks per year) were awarded 2 points.

Concentration Areas – 2 Points
We felt that schools offering an area of concentration within their online doctorate of data science were worthy of a higher ranking. Concentration areas allow students to specialize in an area of interest or complete coursework required for their specific area of data science.

Below are the best online doctorate degrees in data science based on our criteria. We believe our list highlights the best of the best in quality online doctorate in data science programs.

Data Science Doctorate Online Degree Programs Ranking

10. Capella University-Minneapolis, Minnesota

Online Doctor of Health Administration-Health Care Quality and Analytics Specialization

Tuition: $14,526/year
Total Points: 3
Capella is a private, for-profit university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission to offer degrees at all levels. The online doctor of health administration offered through the School of Nursing and Health Sciences features a Health Care Quality and Analytics Specialization. Students develop competencies focused on quality health care administration and data analytics. Through the use of evidence-based case studies, simulation exercises, consulting activities, and presentations, students develop leadership skills and the knowledge to make effective data-driven decisions. The unique online format allows students to pay per credit, moving quickly through the program.

9. Walden University-Minneapolis, Minnesota

Doctor of Information Technology Online

Tuition: $12,844/year
Total Points: 3

Considered a leader in distance learning, Walden University is a private, for-profit university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The Doctor of Information Technology is a two-year degree that includes 64 semester credits and eight days of academic residency. Students learn about database design, systems architecture, programming, and information assurance. Students have the opportunity to earn their MS in Information Technology while working toward their doctorate degree, providing students with a valuable credential. This online data science doctorate degree also includes two seminar courses providing students with even more individualized attention as they work toward their degree.

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