Top 10 Best Websites for Computer Science Students

Computer Science is one of the world’s most popular discipline in education. The reason behind this is that there is computer and science involved in almost every aspect of our life. And now, there’s an increasing trend of students opting for a Computer Science degree than an Engineering or a Doctorate degree.

When a student chooses this field, he or she needs to have a list of the most common sources of information that they could use to complete their assignments and projects. Computer Science students roam the entire internet looking for information related their courses, and spend plenty time looking for relevant study materiel. To help you guys with your hunt for educational material, we bring you the top 10 best websites for Computer Science students that will help you get any and all information related to your subjects and assignments.

10. Wikibooks

Previously known as Wikimedia Free Textbook Project and Wikimedia-Textbooks, Wiki Books provides users with free content textbooks. The best part (and a little concerning) is that anyone can edit its pages. It is much better than buying expensive books, and according to a rough estimate, Wikibooks has over 200,000 unique visitors a month. Buying books can be very expensive, so Wikibooks provides a great alternative to Computer Science students to find the required books for free.

9. Memory-improvement-tips

Number 9 on our list is a website called Memory-improvement-tips. It offers you helpful tips on getting your memory tip-top shape. This is a website that a computer Science student should check out in case he/she is having trouble memorizing notes, coding scripts etc.

Learn how to improve your memory and you can make your life a little easier during your time studying computer science. It’s another great website in the list of ten best websites for CS students.

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