Earn a computer programming degree online from Regent University and be prepared for careers in a wide variety of fields.

18. Regent University

Online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Regent University’s versatile, accredited online computer science degree prepares undergrads for careers in everything from software development and video game design to data science and network administration. Understandably, it requires a diverse curriculum to train students for so many different fields. The core sequence spans topics like database fundamentals, operating systems, and even smart computing. This does not leave a ton of room for courses that focus explicitly on coding. Even so, aspiring software developers will pick up plenty of information from two basic programming classes (introductory and intermediate level), plus required courses in “Parallel and Distributive Programming” and “Software Engineering.”
Average Tuition & Fees: $16,438/yr
Score: 22.299999999999997

For focused, career-oriented learners, Hodges offers one of the best computer programming degrees online.

17. Hodges University

Online Bachelor of Science in Software Development

If you prefer to learn by zooming in on one subject rather than skimming the surface of several, you may want to earn your degree in computer science online from Hodges University. At Hodges, you won’t have to waste time learning about every facet of the computer science industry. In fact, the bulk of this program’s core curriculum is divided into just two sub-cores: software development and computer information technology. Within them, you’ll find classes like “Advanced Object-Oriented Programming with C++,” “Program Design and Problem Solving,” and “Mobile Application Development.” The curriculum also includes four required business classes, but it’s worth it to gain skills that will help you navigate the 21st-century corporate world.
Average Tuition & Fees: $13,220/yr
Score: 23.7

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