Top 8 Highly Paid and in-demand Programming Languages in 2018

The world is growing rapidly. Every new technology is replacing the previous one and emerging as the most demanded technology. In IT organizations the number of programming languages are used according to their demand. Some programming languages are fast to run and write, while others are robust for a specific organization. On the other hand, remaining languages are used in organizations according to their use. The selection of programming languages also depends on the which tool which is to be developed.

There are hundreds of programming languages(around 256) used nowadays from which there are few selected languages which can give you a high salary. So we are listing the top 8 highly paid and in-demand Programming Languages of 2018.

8. PHP

PHP is highly used for blogging purposes. Many CMS(content management system) which are used in for writing blogs written in PHP language. There are 80% of websites are developed using PHP. The average salary of PHP developer starts from $80,000 per annum.

7. Java

Java is the world’s most popular language. Write once and run everywhere. Java is a like a universal language which can be run virtually on any platform. The other reason why JAVA is demanding today because of Android development. Java is the core language for developing any Android application. The average salary of a Java developer starts from $85,000 per annum.

6. C

C is the most powerful and fastest language. In addition to this fact, C is the codebase of other languages. Many high-level languages are written in C, for example python and PHP. It also used in developing desktop applications. Most of the Operating systems are also written in C language. If a developer chooses C language and wants to grow with it then the average salary of C developer start from $90,000 per annum.

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