Vuhl 05 Joins Mexico’s Breed Of Homegrown Sports Cars

Mexico has always been a solid alternative for world renowned automotive manufacturers who have always kept looking for countries with a low cost workforce. Nissan, Chevrolet and Volkswagen are only a few examples coming from three different continents. This constant movement of operations and manufacturing processes has become an actual trend lately. Therefore, no one would expect these countries to come up with their own homegrown cars. Well, Mexico has done it. A new name in the automotive industry has grown from Mexico’s surrogate reputation and judging by the first products, it looks like it plans to actually grow some reputation too.

Vuhl 05 sounds aggressive. It is pronounced “Vool”. Surprisingly enough, it also stands for a pretty daring explanation – Vehicles of Ultra High-performance and Lightweight. The powerful car was revealed in London in 2013, yet the official introduction occurred at a speed festival.

Judging by its performance numbers and track results, it seems to be a pretty tough challenge for better established names like Lotus 2-Eleven or KTM X-Bow. However, the vehicle is still in an incipient stage. It is obvious that the automaker has put a lot of sweat and hard work into it, but it still needs some time to prove itself.

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