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When Automotive Renders Go Wrong – Lamborghini Miura Edition

Over the years we’ve seen some amazing renders from digital artists. There’s occasional misstep that we can all laugh off but this one is on a whole new level. It hurts some of us so badly that we’ve got pictures of a beautiful original to take the edge off.

We’re not sure why but Khyzyl Saleem, a British digital artist felt the need to mess with a classic. The Miura gone topless as well as having a rounded wide body kit added. From here on out, all pictures are of the original 1966-1973 version because we love it.

We hear that this render was inspired by Liberty Walk kits which usually result in a mean looking machine. Here we see chrome side skirts and complete reshaping of the original fenders. Dropping it low for a wider look to the stance also sees sharp lines become rounded edges.

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